Our industry leading software platform will propel you into the next generation of MGAs


  • Scale with Confidence

    Whether you choose to expand your distribution options or add new channels over time, Vistre can grow with you. Scale your operations with a robust, future-proof, and scalable solution.

  • Avoid Complicated Configuration Projects

    Vistre is both powerful and easy to implement, giving you the freedom to distribute multiple products through a variety of channels. Say goodbye to complicated configuration projects and hello to simplicity.

  • Flexible Rating Engine

    Your rating needs are as unique as your business. Vistre's flexible rating engine can handle anything, from simple to highly complex rating functions. It's configurable and easily managed by you, giving you complete control.

  • Direct Customer Portal

    User experience matters, and Vistre delivers ready-made customer self-service portals which can be styled in-line with your branding.

  • Straightforward Accounting

    Vistre's rapid reconciliation tools and a variety of bordereau styles are designed to meet your accounting requirements. Rest assured we've got you covered.

  • Save Time with Vistre

    From the time efficiency our clients achieve in product deployment to the day-to-day resource drain of complicated work flows, Vistre delivers efficiency for our MGAs.

Choose Vistre and supercharge your insurance MGA with a versatile, efficient, and future-ready policy administration system. Your success is our mission, and we're here to help you achieve it. Join the Vistre family and experience the future of insurance software.